What to Bring

These items are a suggestion and do not apply to all guests. 

Total luggage weight should not exceed 50 pounds per guest and preferably be packed in soft-sided luggage for float plane.

  • Cotton or denim pants
  • Layers:
    - Short-sleeved shirt
    - Long-sleeved shirt
    - Fleece jacket
    - Light-weight down vest or jacket
    - Sweater
    - Hooded 2-piece raingear
  • Heavy boot socks
  • Tennis shoes and casual shoes
  • Light-weight long underwear
  • Light weight gloves
  • Thin stocking cap
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Watch
  • Personal toilet articles
  • Medication, if required, in original bottles
  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Money for gratuities

What to Bring - Fishing Gear

Spin Fish Equipment (salmon)

  • 6 ½ foot to 9 foot medium rod with matching reel
  • 25 pound test for Kings and 12-14 pound test for other salmon species
  • Kwikfish (K16), Mag Warts and 7/8 ounce Pixies
  • 6/0 single hooks for Kings, 2/0 for other salmon species
  • Coil lead with rubber tubing or other variety weightsSay something interesting about your business here.

Fly Fish Equipment (salmon)

  • 8 foot to 10 foot rod of nine to eleven weight for Kings and seven to eight weight for other salmon species
  • Two-Handed rods for Kings range from 8 to 10wt. Skagit heads with heavy sink tips are needed to get down in the fast deep water that Kings reside in. 
  • Matching high capacity reel with 30lb test backing for Kings and 20lb backing for other salmon species
  • Floating lines will be primarily used. Fast sink tip or shooting head lines will be used in the early season for Kings
  • Variety of large flashy streamers

Fish Equipment (Trout/Grayling)

  • 5 foot to 7 foot ultra-light to light weight spinning rod with matching reel
  • 4 to 8 pound test line
  • Assorted light spinners, spoons or plugs
  • 7 ½ foot to 10 foot four to six weight fly rod and matching reel
  • Nine to ten foot 3x and 4x leaders
  • Egg sucking leeches (#4-8), black and olive sculpin patterns (#2-6), variety of streamers, 6mm and 8mm beads in assorted colors, small glo bugs, variety of small dry flies (#12-16) such as Grizzly Wulffs, Adams, Royal Coachmen, Gnats and Mosquitos. Give customers a reason to do business with you.